At RollCall TV you start your inquiry with someone who is completely familiar with our products and your computer’s ability to use our services. We troubleshoot both PC’s and MACs and we are a Solutions Based Business. This means we don’t just identify the problem and send you on your way, we take the time to help identify solutions to ensure that your RollCall TV experience and the experience of your viewers is as hassle free and as rewarding as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
> How many concurrent connections can RollCall TV support on a LiveStreaming event?
answer: Up to millions. RollCall TV has partnered with the most powerful CDN's and carriers of network bandwidth to leverage usage and ensure uptime on events ranging from 10 users up to well, millions.
> How easy is it to embed a video using RollCall TV?
answer: It is very simple. If you know how to Copy & Paste content you are good to go. Our video uploading tool creates and encodes your video within seconds and delivers an embeddable code for you to use anywhere.
> Does RollCall TV support HD?
answer: Yes. Our platform is optimized to stream HD content from a LiveStream event or a Video-On-Demand stream.
> Can I use my personal PayPal Account for receipt of payments?
answer: Yes. We allow our users to give a valid PayPal email address and our API integration with PayPal sends the revenue into your own account. It's that simple.
> Can users watch your videos on any iPad or Tablet device?
answer: Yes. RollCall TV enables all devices to watch videos using our universal player. Our unique player syncs with the device's capabilities and streams the videos accordingly.
> What is HTML5 and does RollCall TV support it?
answer: HTML5 is the new standard in the markup language that internet websites run today. HTML5 has been widely adopted by solutions that do not want to support Flash. RollCall TV is fully compliant with HTML5.
> What is the green bar at the bottom of every page within your site?
answer: We provide Support to all our customers during all events on our platform. You can easily chat with one of our team members from any page or event site within our platform. No calls, just instant support right when you or your audience needs it.
> How customizable is your service?
answer: RollCall TV has a team of developers and engineers ready to work on your project. We have the power to create and mold our platform to your specifications and needs. We can match all your branding message and elements and create a seamless integration from point A to point B.
> Bottom Green Bar in every Side Box..?
answer: Bottom Green Bar in every Side Box - How do I change its Color? ... to customize it so that I don't expose a half-baked web site prematurely. ...