On-Demand Events & Live Web Events

Our Video On Demand Business Services and Live Web Events is a true 24/7 | 100% Uptime stream and is available to all of the people you send our way to see your pre-recorded videos.
We can set up selective access to specific channels according to your rules and guidelines.

As in Live Streaming Services, the skin of the viewer can contain elements used in your own website to give the “look and feel” of your organization or you can use our design.

At the end of each day RollCall TV sends you a list of everyone who visited, what they viewed and how long they stayed.

Business use this service which is perfectly suited for sharing copies of your recorded web conference,Live Web Events , showing highlights of your personal videos and providing remote -and consistent- training sessions (complete with comprehension exams if requested).

A business mindset.

RollCall TV's platform helps any kind of business reach a superb experience on any media stream event.

Our dedicated team will walk you through the technology, marketing tools and design to help you achieve your vision and mission just the way you want.

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Got Questions?

Did you know we are available to answer your questions via Twitter? Just follow us today support@webeventsonline and send your question. It's simple!