Hosting Services

Success business relationships are created by trust, at RollCall TV we have built a unique cross partnership channel with Amazon Web Services. When it comes to reliability and uptime nobody beats Amazon AWS Services, so we integrated our VOD (Video-On-Demand) module with Amazon AWS Services which enabled us to ensure uptime and speed within their network to our end users.

Built from the ground up the S3 platform provided by Amazon allows us to keep never before seen competitive pricing while ensuring uptime performance across the RollCall TV platform.

did you know?

RollCall TV will be introducing a unique Hosting Plan called "Video Buckets" this plans will allow a company to buy a bucket which will have a limit storage of 100GB. Once the bucket is active the users can upload any video into their bucket and embedd the code into any site including their own.

Stay tuned for our release date or contact us today to learn more.