Custom Integration

Facebook Webinars ,Facebook Webcasting , Facebook Livestream

RollCall TV takes integration to the next level. No other platform allows you to integrate multiple modules with the freedom that RollCall TV does. And for us that is crucial, your brand and custom experience.

A complete modern revolution built around HTML5 and the latest API service integration, RollCall TV allows you to set the pace and look at any of our event elements.

We have partnered with designers and HTML5 programmers across the US that create unique designs for our platform. If you have your own HTML code we can integrate it with our media elements,Facebook Webinars, Facebook Webcasting, Facebook Livestream and publish it quickly.

So, when we say "We take customization to the next level" we mean it. Learn more today and contact us to setup a quick demo today.


did you know?

RollCall TV supports the latest CSS3 and HTML5 design coding tools allowing a complete merge of code and technology used in any event.

We have partnered with Sublime the most advanced HTML5/Flash self-sensing video player in the industry, to surpass the best experience any other Media Business Solution provider can achieve.