LiveStreaming Business Events

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The ability to produce ,Live Streaming Services and LiveStreaming Business Events your own “Television” show over the internet is now, not only possible, but easy and affordable with RollCallTV. Whether your show is a One Man Webcam show or the equivalent of a Rock Concert (or somewhere in between) we can stream it live to 3 people or thousands of simultaneous viewers who simply click on our website (or YOUR website) to view it.

The video player can contain elements used in your own website to give the “look and feel” of your organization or you can use our design.

And for people who might have missed the show? They can see the recording we’ve posted on our website 24/7 depending on your requirements.

Explore all the options that RollCall TV provides and see why we are your Unified Solution Provider.

LiveStreaming Business Events

did you know?

RollCall TV's flexibility allows you to integrate your live event videos directly to any site within minutes. All you need is to copy and paste our embeddable code into your site. It is that simple!

Once integrated all your videos can be safely displayed on all mobile/computer devices and with integrated analytics you know how many times they have been played and shared.

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